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The Strong hat is a relaxed and curved adjustable snapback trucker hat. A mantra stitched with raised embroidery on the black front, with a custom Go Heart patch on the soft white mesh side.

• Relaxed Fit
• One Size Fits All Snapback Strap
• Front: Raised Embroidery
• Side: Sewn on Patch
• Seams: Custom #wegoheart taping
• Imported

What's Your Why?

Take A Deep Breath

"Take a deep breath has become a mantra for me that I can always come back to reground, reset, no matter where I am, what I'm doing, who I'm with."

- Taylor Dabbah, Chicago

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Love Wins

"When you get in tough situations, let's respond with love. That can conquer all."

- Eric Devendorf, Syracuse

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Rise Above

"In the journey of life, you've got to rise above those obstacles, those fears, that self-doubt that you may be going through."

- Kris Joseph, Montreal/Syracuse

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But What If You Can?

"I've been able to step into that courage and that bravery and ask myself 'But what if you can?'"

- Jen Rose, Chicago

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Less Than 5

"If it won't matter in 5 years, worry about it less than 5 minutes."

- Wesley Guy, Arkansas Pine Bluff

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Timing Is Everything

"If you want to make it to that next level and progress, you need to spend time doing it... Time is everything."

- Eleasah Anderson, Western Michigan

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Keep Faith

"Keep the faith through the hard times, through all the pain, and all the struggles that we all go through."

- Markel Reed, Boise State

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Be Kind

"Be kind to others... Be kind to yourself mentally and physically... And be kind to the planet."

- Vanessa Pearl, University of Florida

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"Embrace... Take life on with positivity, an open mind and open heart.”

- Bailey Hartsough, Western Carolina

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Faith Over Fear

"No matter the circumstances, putting your faith over your worries or your fear really helps you to live in the moment."

- Luke Toliver, Grand Valley State

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"Consistency to me means being the best at everything I do every single day whether it's how I'm eating, how I'm sleeping, or how I'm performing."

- AJ King, Eastern Kentucky

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Work or Be Outworked

"Once I hit that track meet and I'm on the line, I remember all the hard work that I put in..."

- Madison Langley-Walker, Oklahoma

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Believe In Yourself

"When you set goals for yourself, you have to be your biggest fan. You have to believe in yourself."

- Anim Dankwah, Howard University

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Keep Going

"With school, works sports, or simply achieving, it can be hard so you just have to have that mentality to keep going."

- Byron Terry, Kennesaw State University

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13 Reasons

Everybody has their reason why, the driving force to help them get it done. What's yours?

-Octavia Jett-Wilson, UNC-Charlotte

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